As a child I loved drawing Disney characters especially Donald Duck for some reason. I drew all the time and envisioned myself working for Disney one day. By second grade I was recognized by my teachers as the class artist and was always given “special” drawing projects. I also won my first drawing contest with the local Fire Dept.

Ironically, as I got older, I had no desire to be a professional artist and put it aside for a while.  Maybe it was because everyone kept telling I should be an artist. In college I studied Music but eventually found my way back to art.

I started taking some drawing jobs for clients while in college after deciding to have a 2nd major in art but concentrating on illustration. I had worked in sales for a major dept store and after graduation applied to their art dept. To my surprise I was hired and that was my launch into graphic design.

Graphic design didn’t involve a lot of drawing but rather the design of the page and working with text, images and sometimes line art and also understanding the printing process.  I also had learned a lot about the industry and business in general.  Only after working many years for major dept stores, ad agencies, newspapers, etc., did I begin freelancing and have been doing it ever since. I developed a keen knowledge in working directly with and serving my clients that I’m able to enjoy and utilize to this day.

I’m an advanced Photoshop user but work in a variety of programs including Adobe, Affinity,  Clip Studio and Procreate.

When I’m not designing or drawing I’m just spending time with my family or traveling and taking pictures.

I love the beauty of the Northwest, watching clouds on a warm day and a good latte in the mornings.