General Information on Photo Sessions

Scheduling a Session

First you need simply express your interest by filling out the Contact Me Form and I will contact you for any questions or information. Then I will need you to fill out the Session Form with your preferences. I will be in touch with you to finalize any times and details.

Sessions can be held on location, your home or at the studio. All sessions can be scheduled between the hours of 10:00am and dusk Mon-Sat. On very rainy days the shoot will need to be rescheduled. So always plan on a backup day. It's important to have a consultation either by skype or in person which is scheduled prior to the photo session. This allows us to get a little acquainted before any shooting and discuss options and details on the process.

Working with Children

It's recommended that photo sessions involving children be scheduled during their best time, which is usually morning or after a nap and a snack. Make sure they are fed before the session. Plan on extra time. Bring any incentives to help them to cooperate but avoid foods that discolor the mouth or spill easily. If you're okay with it I have candy that is given after the session. Bribery goes a long way!


Newborn Sessions are generally held within the first two weeks. You need to schedule well before the due date to ensure there is an opening. I can make allowances for early or late due days. Newborn sessions are generally indoors, my studio space or your home. There are pets in my home but I do keep them away from the area I hold the sessions. So be sure to let me know if that's a concern.

What to Bring

We will discuss clothing and props during the consultation time. Every session is going to be different. Skin tones, themes, location, all play a part on what will look best. In general, with the exception of a sports jersey, clothing with words, logos, etc., should be avoided. Bright or iridescent, neon and bold patterns on clothes also should also be avoided. A well thought out and planned session will always give good results so bring your ideas to the consultation to be discussed.

After the Session

With the exception of wedding photography most other sessions will be ready for viewing within two weeks after the session. I will contact you and arrange a time to for you to view your images. You can place your order at this time.

Ordering Your Prints

Allow approx 10-14 days to process your order. We can discuss options for delivery or pickup at the consultation time. Allow extra time during the holidays.

Credit Cards are accepted. No part of any images or prints will be released until payment is made in full.